March 9th, 2003

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Home again, home again.

Just got home from quite the enjoyable evening.

Went over to Nyarla and huey's just in time for moyet to arrive (with Pan in tow) at the same time as LostVger. We took a moment to convince Pan that LostVger was not evil, and then introduced the poor boy to the puppy onslaught en force. He handled it well, and the pups were soon treating him as if they'd always known him.

We futzed around the house and the yard for a while, failing to convince moyet to come play with us (she had new books, though, so I can understand). Then, huey, Nyarla, LostVger and I piled into the car and ventured into the city. Traffic was wonky, but I got us there just fine, and pulled into the parking structure only to realize that ... it was closed. Hrm. Ok. Definite kink in the plan.

I dropped off the passengers so they could go get tickets and see the start of the movie and whatnot (it wouldn't be the end of the world if I missed the beginning, since I'd already seen it), and then began to try the impossible: to find a parking spot, in Dupont Circle, at midnight on a Saturday night. After a circling of the block, my parking karma kicked in, and I got a spot immediately across the street from the theater. I even successfully parallel parked on the first try (yegads).

I got into the movie just as the lights were coming down, which worked out well. The assembled friends seemed to enjoy the show (Donnie Darko), and huey definitely approved of the "kill the keg" theme of Saturday night movies at Visions ($10 to get in, and free beer until the keg dies).

After the movie, we ventured down to Annie's (where I again got quite the good parking spot, though not as spectacular as my earlier coup. Food was quite good (mmm, steak and eggs; I'm sure my body will be informing me that it's not used to eating red meat anymore any time now), and conversation was amusing.

Having been fed, I got us back to Nyarla and huey's safely, and LostVger and I both set off for home, what with him having quite the long drive (he really needs to not live up in Maryland), and I made a chai run on my way back to the apartment.

So now it's 4:45 AM, and I'm sipping chai. This, on top of the two cups of coffee that I had with dinner, on top of my general insomnia issues, should keep me awake until Tuesday or so. Too bad. I could do with the rest. Tomorrow's another packed day. Playing pool at 1, then fondue at 6:30, then movie after the fondue.

But, you know what? I don't care. I'm home and relaxing, and I have yummy chai, and I'm talking to a good friend. I finally got to meet someone I've been talking to a lot lately, and I wasn't horribly nervous about it. Things could definitely be worse. I'm going to pretend for the evening that the things that have been weighing down on me aren't there. Not so realistic, but it's nice to feel calm for a while, no matter how fleeting.
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And the band played on...

No real sleep to speak of, and goodness, I'm tired. I think I may end up bailing on the post-fondue movie tonight, if coyote and moyet won't kill me for abandoning them.

The dogged good mood of last night is slipping somewhat, though not as much as I would have anticipated. Perhaps the sleepiness is warding things off. Or maybe I'm just too tired to think about all of it. I dunno.


Would whoever controls the "difficulty level for friends' lives" knob please take a break? We all get the idea, and are frankly, quite tired of it.

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