March 8th, 2003

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For someone who has no life...

... I sure do stay busy.

Let's see. Yesterday, I took off around six to run some errands. I went to CompUSA (ack! ptui!) to pick up speakers for dvorak, as his had died. I also found that CompUSA seems to be not carrying things for my Visor Prism anymore, and had a bunch of stuff on clearance, so I picked up a docking / syncing station for $15, which doesn't suck.

Then, I went to The Container Store to get some collapsing crates to use in the trunk of the car so that things will stop rolling around every time that I turn a corner. I got home from the grand errands fiasco around 9:30, and pretty much immediately turned back around to go fetch Nyarla at the office so we could go to Red Robin and get yummy burgers. Yay, yummy burgers. Then, home around 11:30 or so.

Today, I'm going over to Nyarla's at 11:30 (ack! soon! I should get dressed!) and we're going to have a light brunch, then go fabric shopping so I can have a neat outfit for stompy dancing with lagaz, slarti, jehanna, bouncingleaf, and hamlet next time I'm in MA. Then, I will drop her off at home, and then come back here to meet up with dvorak. We're going to go see a movie and then grab lunch. Then, back home again, when I will try to take a nap, so that I can stay awake through the planned expedition for midnight movie and brunch tonight. (Hey, chorus! Look! Three meals! One day!)

Tomorrow, moyet and sitz and I are going to go play pool, then moyet, coyote, Nyarla, huey, nazgul, and I are going to go out for fondue. Then, I will come home and collapse, I think.
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Plans within plans, and stuff.

Or rather, plans falling apart. Still haven't actually left the apartment today. I think dvorak and I have punted on the movie, since it got horrific reviews (Roger Ebert gave it an F), and while I still want to see it, I'll just wait until it's rentable. And since I didn't go out with Nyarla this morning, I still haven't had food. I think we're getting ready to go grab some IHOP or something. And I need to get a road atlas. And we need groceries.

But! I think midnight movie plans are still on.
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