March 6th, 2003

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This evening's doings.

So, tonight I ventured into the city to go to the National Geographic Society building to attend a lecture entitled "Fearless on Everest: The Quest for Sandy Irvine" presented by Irvine's great-niece, Julie Summers. For those who aren't Everest freaks, Irvine was George Mallory's climbing partner on his final (and fatal) attempt on the summit in 1924. It was a really great lecture, and I'm definitely going to be attending the rest of the series. If anyone in the DC area wants to go, I'd love to have some company. :)

Oh yeah, and to be filed under "stupid comment of the night": I was walking behind a girl of about 15 and her parents into the lecture hall, and the girl turns to her parents and says, "Wow! This building has some great pictures in it! I wonder where they got them!?"

I did mention this was at the National Geographic Society, right?

And on a completely (well, mostly; well, kind of) unrelated note: a Sherpa is building an internet cafe at Base camp. *boggle* Net at 17,400 feet!