February 17th, 2003

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Hmmm. Perhaps not my brightest idea ever.

So, I woke up this morning, and did something stupid. I came into the office.

I seem to be the only person in the entire building, much less our office suite. The roads here were... interesting. When the max speed on the Beltway is about 40, you know something's up. I saw a backhoe trying to dig out a salt truck on 29, which is never a good sign. My street hadn't been plowed yet, and it occurs to me that getting back into my parking structure is going to be interesting, as a SUV was abandoned in the 'in' driveway, making things difficult.

Obviously, the meeting that I rushed in here for isn't going to happen. If I were sensible, I would go home and clean and bead and do laundry and stuff. Instead, I'm sitting in the office poking at various things, watching movies, and waiting for camera batteries to charge so I can take more pictures.

I've never said that I was horribly smart.
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