February 14th, 2003

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Stupid eye.

Woke up this morning, and the burning / watering / itching from my left eye was significantly worse. Since my eye doctor was completely useless yesterday ("Oh, put eye drops in it, and call me back in 48 hours if it hasn't cleared up.") I've called my GP and have made an appointment. (There are many things annoying about my doctor's office, but the fact that I can pretty much always get same-day appointments doesn't suck.)
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You can't get there from here.

So, I went to the office today since I was told I had to by friends (yay, flowers!). Then, I looked at the weather report, and saw that the DC area is slated to get a stupid amount of snow this weekend, meaning I'm going to end up trapped inside all weekend. This is not a good thing. Trapped meris are jittery meris, and I don't deal well with cabin fever. So, I figured I'd make this silly 80s movie weekend, and plotted to go to Borders on my way home.

Now, I knew which Borders I wanted to go to (the one over by Bailey's Crossroads), and so I set off down 50, and when I hit Seven Corners, I couldn't remember if I wanted to go down 7 or 50, so I kept on 50. When I hit the Pentagon, I realized I had missed my target, and hopped on 395 to get there a way I knew.

I did, predictably enough, go overboard on the whole movie-buying thing. I picked up the 6 that were on my list, and 3 more. Oops. But now, I have Amelie, Bound, Dune, The Fast Runner, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, My Neighbor Totoro, Pretty in Pink, Pump Up the Volume, and Some Kind of Wonderful. (I did say the goal was cheesy 80s movies, right?)

Oh yeah, and for those who missed it earlier, I have conjunctivitis. That would be the reason my eye is all icky. Though, I also have weird eye pressure issues. Yay. Eyedrops good.