February 10th, 2003

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More in the life.

I feel that I should post, but I am staring at my screen, and appear to have lost all my words. So, instead, you're going to get random stream-of-meri-conciousness babble. Lucky you!

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Tromp, tromp.

Back at the bunnypad (or, rather, the apartment of the usagijer and the slarti). Went to Sahara for lunch with usagijer, solipsistnation, and anyhow, where we consumed entirely too much food. Ducked outside at 2 to participate in the weekly migration conference call, which didn't really happen, because the phone bridge was all screwed up. All four of us who showed up had a nice chat, though. Then usagijer and I went to Al-Bums, where I found the Margaret Cho DVD for $10 (yay!). Next stop was across the street was to Miller Cotton's Tattoos to see if they could refit a bead into the CBR that sprung free at the party on Saturday night. Not only could they, but the guy there did it for free. Yay, him! So, everyone should go see the nice people at Miller Cotton's Tattoos.

Then, we continued our tromp around scenic Worcester, going to Wormtown Trading (Mmm. Hippy store.), where I picked up many meri things, but no actual hippies. One last stop to get chai at The Bean Counter, and then we came back here. And now, I go renew a domain so customer mail can stop bouncing. Whee!

I think I will make snowmen soon.

Also, I hope that the snow does not get so icky that I cannot make it out to lizzielizzie's tonight, as I was really looking forward to hanging out with her. We shall see.
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