January 30th, 2003

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Still not king.

I'd like to back my life up about two weeks, if at all possible. Two weeks, and just put a stake in the ground. I wasn't happy then, but I was ina lot better shape than I am right now.

Two weeks ago, my job was hectic, but manageable. I was in charge of project management (inventory system, the systems portion of the migration process, patriot migration, news upgrade, etc.), DNS, and documentation. Today, I am in charge of everything I was in charge of before, and ... a few more things. Like, oh, say, the mail system. And portions of the security system. And the entire migration process.

The shortest day I've had in the office (yes, actually in the office) since last Friday was 8 hours. And that was on Saturday. I didn't go to the office on Sunday because I was 1) sick, and 2) doing battle with my laptop.

Oh yeah. Laptop. It's gone completely psycho. I reinstalled it on Saturday, and it's been crashing every 15 minutes or less ever since. Dell has been no help. I've conceded some odd point, admitted defeat, and this morning when I got to the office, I configured another system so I can just not use my laptop at all today.

I've been sick since sometime last week, and I haven't had a chance to relax and recover. I haven't been sleeping (moreso than usual). Last night's efforts to sleep included NyQuil, an Ambien, 2 pear ciders, and a hot bath. This resulted in ... 3.5 hours of sleep. I ended up getting up when dvorak came to bed at 7:45, and was in the office by 9.

Today, I have to get the new mail cluster up and running, which I had to have done by yesterday, but after 14 hours of poking at it, I was unable to focus my eyes anymore.

There was a point to this, I think. Mostly, that I'm tired. And I'd like to go back two weeks.
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Dell support just tried to tell me that the problems I've been having with my laptop locking up are the result of me using my laptop as a desktop machine instead of operating off of battery power, thus allowing excess static electricity to build up in the system.


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Ok, so, once we determined that it was not excess static building up in my system from my irresponsible use of the power cord causing my laptop to crash...

...they honest to god...

...tried to blame it on solar flares...

"There has been some abnormal meteorological and astronomical activity..."
"You're kidding, right?"

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