January 26th, 2003

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Let's see:

* Laptop: still broken.
* DayQuil: still absent.
* Food: finally ate about 20 minutes ago.
* Day: still exceedingly weird.
* Cold: cold's doing fine; I'm not.
* Snow: yup, or trying to.
* Laundry: undone.
* Kitchen: uncleaned.
* Web site work: undone.
* Sanity: eh?

I've made tentative steps at fixing a couple of things in my life today, and I'm not sure how far they'll go to heal some large wounds, but it's better than things were last night. If I hadn't wasted today arguing with my laptop and with Dell Support (oh my god, arguing with Dell Support), it might not have been a complete wash, even, despite the sad state of the checklist above.

Time to see how much I can do before I fall over. Perhaps going and fetching some (Day|Ny)Quil is in order (tarzxf, mephron, can you dcc me some?), and we'll see how far I get from there.
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