January 16th, 2003

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Still alive.

Hi hi. I'm still here. I have mostly finished packing for my departure to Massachusetts tomorrow, and I even managed to packed get into my small suitcase (!!!). I am convinced that this means that I've forgotten something vital.

A vaguely important part of a project I'm in charge of is happening tomorrow, and I'm going to be offline for pretty much the whole day, and even out of cell phone coverage for large chunks of it, so I'm hoping nothing vital blows up.

Work is really really annoying right now for one particular reason, but that's a whole 'nother rant.

The apartment is nowhere near clean enough for the maids to show up on Tuesday, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to fix that between now and when I leave. So, dvorak can either clean or cancel the maids. I'll call him on Monday and remind him to do one or the other.

The gather in Hudson on Friday night is now up to 28 people. Yow!

I should probably go to bed, since I have a cab showing up at 8:15. Of course, I took a nap this evening to try to compensate for the complete lack of sleep last night, and so I'm not in the least bit tired. Doh. Oh well. Perhaps some cider will help.

Massachusettsy folks, see you soon! Work folks, don't blow anything up while I'm gone. Everyone else, have a nice whatever. :)
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Morning meri.

Huh. My bank is requiring me to change a bunch of settings in Quicken to continue using PC banking. Annoying. They sent me instructions with step-by-step detail on how to reconfigure anything. And to thank me for my patience, they sent me a $20 Borders gift card. Huh.

Anyway, it's time for me to get going. I'm still sure I'm forgetting something, but hell if I can remember what it is. Perhaps the < 2 hours of sleep isn't helping.

See you guys later.
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