January 6th, 2003

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I did nothing of any use this weekend. Really. I didn't clean. I didn't do laundry. I didn't unclutter anything. I didn't reorganize anything. I ... I bought a lamp! Of course, it hasn't been assembled yet. And, um. Erm. I played pool with sitz on Friday, and even beat him one game! And. Um. Yeah.

I had such grand plans, too.
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Dream data: compendium.

I realized that I haven't done one of these in a while, and while most of my dreams have faded in the interim, a few stand out enough that I remember them to relate here. I'm sure you're thrilled. :)

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And that's it for the night-time ponderings of meri, for the moment.
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Princeton, redux.

Looks like I get to go to Princeton again. It seems there's going to be some meeting on Wednesday that tangentially touches on something I do, and my presence is required. I did ask that, if said meeting is going to take place before noon, that I get to go up the night before. So maybe I can avoid the "driving while just barely awake" thing from last time around.

Hrm. I should try to find (and wash) some acceptable 'business casual' clothes. Argle.

So, anyone in New Jersey free tomorrow night? :)