December 25th, 2002

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Recap: Saturday.

fimbulfimbul's party was a blast. I saw a bunch of people that I talk to every day on IRC, but never really see in real life. I had wonderful food (fimbul is an awesome cook). I became addicted to a particular cheese and a particular wine (damn you, fimbul!). An incredible amount of silliness abounded. There were snoobs. I got home around 2:45 or so, and I hear that the rest of our cadre didn't head out until 4:30 or 5 or so. For the interested, there are photos available here (not entirely worksafe; I did say there were snoobs, right?).
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Recap: Sunday and Monday.

I have no earthly collection of what I did on Sunday. I'm sure I could figure it out, but I'm equally sure that it isn't important. :)

Monday, I took dvorak to the airport so he could wing his way to Louisiana, then I went to work. Once at the office, I cunningly pilfered company resources to print out Christmas card labels (yes, that's right, I was printing labels two days before Christmas; leave me alone). Then I went out to lunch with the assembled abusey masses, for yummy BBQ and silly conversation.

Then, I did something incredibly silly. I went to the mall. At 4:30. Two days before Christmas. This was a mission of mercy, however, as I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping for a friend who hadn't had a chance to pick some things up. And, once again, the meri parking karma kicked in, and I got a parking spot 6 spaces away from the mall entrace on the first try, and managed to be in and out of the mall in 20 minutes.

Then, I went to Rick's Wine and Gourmet to pick up some wine and cheese, and didn't find everything I wanted, but I did get a couple of things. I came home to pick up a package from the leasing office, and then ventured out again to Total Beverage for more wine-like things (thus prompting this post). And, again to the home.

I spent the evening trying to clean, with the help of a friend, but we ended up being silly and goofing off instead (go figure).

And that was Sunday and Monday.
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Recap: Tuesday.

So, I spent the morning trying to do the cleaning that I didn't manage to get done Monday night, since the maids were coming at 2PM. I... kind of succeeded. Then, I ventured out to meet chichi to execute a cunning plan that I'd gotten into my head and wouldn't let go. The results are viewable here (hee hee hee!).

After our mission was completed, chichi and I went to the grocery store to acquire groceries for today's festivities. And then, to home.

Once home, I sat and giggled and bounced about what I had done, and then had a chat with a friend who was frumple because she didn't have a Christmas tree. She was supposed to have one. Her husband promised he'd get her one before he went out of town for the holidays, but didn't manage to do it, and the person he asked to do it on his behalf was sick. This was sad, as it was making her unhappy, and I didn't want her to be unhappy. So, at 8:00 on Christmas Eve, I ventured out into the world to find a tree for Nyarla.

I did manage to find one, without having to resort to larceny (I had found one lot which was closed, but had the trees laid out on the ground; I had pondered leaving money and a note in a Ziplock back taped to the door of their booth, but they didn't have any trees suitable to my needs, so I didn't have to make this decision). I went and fetched Nyarla at the office, and we went back to her place, where moyet appeared shortly after our arrival.

The three of us played with puppies (Pan and Biscuit, Zeus having gone to Detroit with huey), and then it was decided that food was in order. But where are three crazy geek chicks gonna go for food at 10PM on Christmas Eve? Why, the 24-hour Korean BBQ joint, of course!

Mmm. Good food, good fun, getting home just in time to meet the cleaning friend from last night who had forgotten her backpack here. Of course, falling asleep on the couch with the TV on landed me some weird dreams, but this is nothing new. :)