November 29th, 2002

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This is, perhaps, not working out so well.

While both of my new lobe piercings seem to have finally gotten around to healing, the cartilage piercing is getting pretty ucky. Keloids on both the insides and outside of the ear, still bleeding, still throbbing. Ergle.

I should really probably get in touch with the piercy lady and ask her what I should do. *sigh* I really like this piercing, too, but it's starting to look very weird, and it's uncomfortable.

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Poor planning on my part.

Ok, chichi and I are supposed to be meeting up with Nyarla at her place at 1:30 to embark on the scary shopping trip. The question now becomes one of: will my jeans dry fast enough to allow me to get dressed in time to go to meet them? Perhaps I should start making contingency plans. Hm.
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Oh yeah.

Nyarla and I survived. Actually, we had both seen the mall much more crowded. Maybe we lucked out by going later in the day (we didn't make it to the mall until 4PM). Full report tomorrow.
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