November 18th, 2002

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I should go to bed.

Considering I only got 2 hours of sleep last night, I think I've been remarkably coherent today.

lizzie and I got huge amounts of stuff done on her site, and I think that if I can manage to convince the muse to come back tomorrow, I'll even be able to write little catalogy blurbs for things. elfboy rules, and helped me get hybserv running on the IRC server that I run, so things like getting ops on channels and the like work again. (Now I can stop flinching every time someone comments on wanting to change the topic on a particular channel. Yay!) I went to the store and got the necessary ingredients for jambalaya, which turned out yummy and did an excellent job of annoying my ulcer. I learned that there is certainly a maximum number of episodes of Sports Night you can watch in one day without losing precious SAN points, and that I really really blew that number away today.

But now, I'm tired, if not sleepy, and my back is crampy and my wrists ache. And sadly, I haven't the mental energy to even make use of the fact that I can't sleep. I'm very much at the "sit and stare at things" phase, which just sucks. I'm not entirely sure why I'm insisting on sitting and staring at the computer screen, other than inertia. Getting up and going to bed would take effort.

Oooh, and tomorrow, I have 3 meetings, the next ISP migration kicks off, and I have to go to the doctor to get a blood draw for a glucose test. Whee.
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