November 13th, 2002

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Dear Diary...

(Yes, that's right. 6:47 AM.)

I have been horribly lax in my updating, but I'm sure that you all have managed to get along just fine without being subjected to the daily minutae of my life.

I'm still alive, but I'm in training this week, which involves driving about an hour and a half each way, and going to bed disgustingly early so that I can get up in time to do the drive. So, if you're looking for me online at what would seem like normal hours to be able to find me, and you can't, you now know why. Class is over on Friday, and I am planning on testing the maximum dosage ratings of Ambien and trying to catch up on sleep all weekend. Which would be sad, really, because I'm missing so much other stuff this week that I could really use the weekend to catch up on that.

But, um, yeah. Still alive, feeling stupid at class, still not sleeping, still massively behind on everything, the apartment is still a mess, the cat still hates me, my job still hurts my head. You know, the usual.
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