October 27th, 2002

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I wonder...

I just had a thought. (Be gentle, I'm tired.)

I was thinking that, if I got stuck between two or three pairs of frames tomorrow, and don't get overwhelmed by the urge to just get something ordered, I could get chichi to take pictures of me with the frames that are in the running, and I could run a poll. Or something.

Or is that just too silly?

(I'm currently leaning towards very schoolmarm / librarian glasses. I dunno. We shall see.)
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I may never sleep again.

At least, it feels like that right now. I am exhausted, but completely unable to sleep. I figure that I will probably fall asleep around 11 in the morning, as I have sent chichi mail telling her to call me if I haven't shown up online by noon. Oh, and we get two 2 AMs tonight, even. More time for me to not sleep. No. I'm not obsessing about this sleep issue at all. Why do you ask?
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So here I was, waiting for the dryer to finish so I could swap loads so I could go try to go to bed for the sixth time today. The dryer finally made the BLAAAAAAAT noise I had been waiting for, and I went to fold the laundry and toss the load from the washer into the dryer. Except. I forgot to close the lid to the washer, so it filled, and then sat there, having not completed its agitatey or spinny functions, lest it spew water all over my pantry. And while I appreciate that, I am now waiting for the washer to finish its duties so that I might throw clothes in the dryer and go to bed, where I will undoubtedly toss and turn for hours on end, but will at least be operating on the assumptiong that I'm trying to sleep, an illusion that is hard to maintain so long as I remain upright and at the keyboard. You know?

In case anyone was wondering, 9.5 hours of sleep over the course of three days is not sufficient.
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Change in plans.

chichi has another friend who is suffering from a hair emergency, and won't be available until 3. Unfortunately, we live in the land of weirdness, where things close stupidly early on Sundays (like, the optometrist closes at 4), and chichi will be nowhere near the place with the optometrist, so that isn't gonna work. Instead, she's gonna meet me here (at home, that is) tomorrow at 4, and we will go after the Monday concall suck is complete.

So now, I must figure out what to do with the rest of today. Now that plans for the day have fallen through, the idea of having no obligations appeals. I think I might put up the dishes, and run out to Fresh Fields, where I will acquire food and lambic and cheese, and come home and throw things in the crock pot, and lounge around and eat cheese and drink lambic and read comics. (AKA, the solipsistnation plan for weekend happiness.)

But first, I have to get up the energy to do those things. Righto.
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Help with sleep?

Ok, I've gotten less than 15 hours of sleep total over the last four nights. I would really really like to sleep. I really really don't know why I can't. I am reaching the point where I am just ready to sit down and cry from weariness.

What do you people do to sleep?

I've tried Unisom, Nyquil, Xanax, alcohol, food (for those not in the know, I frequently go into fits of "just ate! must sleep _now_!"), and antihistamines. For those who are going to recommend sex, I have always end up peppy post-sex. Warm milk makes me gag. I have taken enough warm baths to drown a whale (please keep your comments to yourself). I have consumed a like amount of sleepytime tea and chamomile and the like. I have taken long walks, and exercised, and exposed myself to fresh air (erm. my lungs, that is.).

I need to do things, and I don't have the energy and am rapidly losing the coherency. This week is going to be unpleasant for other reasons, and I need to get some sleep.

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