October 23rd, 2002

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Huh? What?

Right. Ok. Let's see... what happened yesterday? Oh, right. I went to the eye doctor. I had a 4:30 PM appointment, and didn't get out until 6:15. They did the glaucoma test thingie before the actual exam. Or rather, they tried. I am horrible about jumping during the test (it's the puff of air to the eye thingie), and they tried 2 or 3 times per eye before giving up and settling on marginal readings. Apparently, my eye doctor was not pleased with the marginal readings, and made me go back and get real readings. It took 15-20 tries per eye, but they finally got them. And, the eye doctor was not pleased with the readings, so I have to get them redone when I go back to pick up my contacts next week. Grmph. It seems that my astigmatism and my vision have gotten worse, and the eye doctor actually wants me to wear contacts to help give my eye structure. Supposedly, the new prescription will handle the whole "can't focus on things up close while wearing contacts" issue I've been having, too.

Oh yeah, and I've decided to get a new set of glasses, too, and I'm going to try to take a departure from the style of frames I've been wearing for, oh, the last decade or so. (All part of the meri girlification process.) I have totally fallen in love with a couple of pairs of frames, and they make me look like meri-school-marm. I was going to try to enlist Nyarla to talk me out of them, then she pointed out that that she was wearing very similar frames. Hrm. Perhaps not the best plan. But I do think I should take someone with me to make sure this isn't another wacky scheme on my part.

So, all in all, I was very grumpy when I got home from the eye doctor yesterday. I chatted with a couple of friends, and that made me feel better, but I still wasn't in a great mood when the time came to go to meet folks for dinner. But, some time talking to friends I haven't seen in a long while (scottly and das from Ultranet were in town as part of their cross-country roadtrip, and we went to dinner with Nyarla and gjp), good food, and getting some time to play with puppy Zeus made for a much more relaxed meri by the time I got home around 12:30. Yay.

And now it's morning, and I'm jittery, and I'm not sure why. And I'm queasy, and I'm not sure why. And I can't have grapefruit yet. Damnit. It's gonna be a long day, I think.
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meri days.

This has not been the most wonderful day. It's been one of those days where nothing was going right, with regard to technical matters. I couldn't figure anything out, I couldn't type anything correctly, it just wasn't working. Then there were the stupid body issues, which were, granted, pretty much entirely my fault. But it wasn't at all pleasant. I did get vaguely reassured about the whole eye thing by Ardie, so that was good. I am finally eating something, the first food since dinner with the geeks last night. I just couldn't convince myself to eat, until finally dvorak picked food for me.

I've also been having some really good talks with a new friend. This person isn't someone I would have imagined clicking with on a personal level, but I've been surprised by exactly how easy this person is to talk to, and how well we get along. I'm having a grand time exploring a new friendship. Yay new friends!

Tomorrow, I go back to the dentist to get the temporary crown replaced, which I'm not looking forward to, but which really shouldn't hurt much (and, with luck, won't cost me anything). And tomorrow night, Nyarla, huey and I will be going to listen to some wonderful Hawaiian music. Mmmm. So, maybe things will get better.

Thanks to everyone who has put up with me today. I know I've been whiny and difficult. You guys are great. *hugs*
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