October 14th, 2002

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Ok, I'm all red, and I don't seem to have annoyed the piercing too badly. And, I smell like a big mango! (A burly mango, even.) (I bought mango shea butter today.) (It is good.) (Yay.)

I taped the pilot of Monk to VHS, and then realized that I hadn't set the correct input on the VCR, and had taped two hours of the highly compelling "snow" show. Redid the taping, and have moved on to the next episode. I'm kind of annoyed that they seem to have skipped two episodes in the marathon, and that the episodes are being shown out of order. So, in my typically meri way, I keep bouncing around between episodes to get to the right ones.

Now, I am thinking that I should probably get something to eat, and consider this whole 'bed' thing. In addition to my three standard Monday meetings (bleah), I have actual work to do tomorrow, and I need to run out to the Salvation Army to see how much they want for the vanity and stool I fell in love with on Saturday. (Especially since Nyarla cunningly found a place to put the vanity while she was here today.)

There was a point here. Oh, right. I should be trying to get to bed. Since I haven't gotten to sleep any earlier than 5 AM in the last week or so, I should make an effort.

Food, and booze, then sleep. I hope.
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Monday, Monday.

One conference call down, two to go. I really should reschedule some of these calls, since two of the three Monday meetings are mine. I just hate the idea of infecting even more of my days with meetings. Hrm.

Work things are continuing apace, which is to say, they're blowing up. This was expected, so isn't anything of a surprise. And there's not a whole lot I can do about this particular round of blow-ups, so I will attempt to just do my job and not stress about them.

I need to do laundry for my trip, but should first figure out exactly what I'll be taking with me. I mean, I packed a huge suitcase during the summer, when clothes were only bulky because I'm fat. Now, I have to add in sweaters and the like, and it is making me flummoxed. *waves hands*

Also, I want to see folks while I'm up, but feel bad about having to have people fetch me, but am not comfortable with driving up there just yet, but but but. Ah, well, it will get figured out.
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The really crappy call of the day is predictably being really crappy, and the fact that there is someone HAMMERING REALLY LOUDLY RIGHT ABOVE ME is not helping my mood, my ability to listen to and participate in this call, or the headache that was spawned from the conference call (yay, weekly headaches).

Death doom die.
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Stupid, stupid net.

It seems that I am only allowed to have one net connection working at a time. I have two, you see, specifically so that when one dies, dvorak and I aren't screwed. And this has worked out well, recently, as the DSL seems to go down with startling frequency, and every now and again the cable modem freaks out. So now I have screen sessions set up going across both net connections, just to keep me happy. Fneh.

Redundancy == good.
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Hm. ardaniel or kazmat usually tell me these things, and they're not around. Are celery sticks and a coke food or !food? palegreyminion maintains they're !food, but I think they might be on the verge of food, at least. The Coke is not diet, if that helps.
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