October 6th, 2002

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Lazy Sunday.

Time is going all non-linear on me again. Today, time has alternately zoomed by and then crawled, without any rhyme or reason. It's been doing that for a couple of days now, and it always annoys the heck out of me when this happens. If someone should happen to be mucking around with the time machine, please stop?

I haven't really done anything of any worth today. Well, I did unearth my desk and the area around it, and cataloged the new comics that I'd picked up since the last time I cataloged comics. I also bagged all my single issues, not that I have any grand plans for collecting, but it seemed suitably like the sort of goofy anal thing I'd do, so I did. I've gathered most of the books that I've read in the last couple of months into a pile, so when I'm feeling like writing, I can sit down and write all the book reviews I've been neglecting. (Oops.) I also found a necklace and a pair of earrings to wear with The Dress, which is good. I continue searching for other accessories. I started cleaning through my links collections, and trying to think of good ways to categorize them, boring my friends with my internal debates on the matter. In the process of unearthing my desk, I also unearthed my scanner, which allowed me to finally get a scan of the Injured Panda Bros. and Rescue Rabbit stickers, which is good.

I should really do laundry, or at least sort it. Maybe. And put away the huge stacks of water and books and groceries that are cluttering the living room. And do the dishes. And clean my ears again. And keep searching for shoes to wear with The Dress (although the panda shoes are still in the running). Not to mention small things like, oh, publishing a schedule for my staff (eep!) for their shortdesk shifts for next week, which I have completely failed to do, and the current schedule runs out tonight. (Oops.) I'm so not cut out for this manager thingie.

Thingies! I should go do things. Right.
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Should it bother me...

Should it concern me that my lucky bamboo is dying? And that there are spiderwebs on it? That reappear within a few days of being cleared away?

(Hi, my name is meri. I can't keep a weed growing.)
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Thanks, mom.

The Japanese news apparently reported the news of the recent shooting sprees, and they only said, "DC area," so mom decided that I, of course, had to be one of the 6 people who died, out of hundreds of thousands who live in the area. After assuring her I was alive, she explained that she thought it could be me because, "well, you're fat, so you'd be an easy target for someone to shoot."

Self-confidence-building, she is.
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