October 5th, 2002

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So, the Gweeps had a pissup tonight to celebrate the end of Nothing's Easy Month. I was despondent because I was unable to attend, being in the wrong state and all. At some point while I was away from the computer showering, profesor got online and was asking for my phone number, but I was not around. It seems that they were going to call me and toast me a round of drinks. Awww. Thanks, guys. You're keen!

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Has anyone seen my desk?

I'm pretty sure it's under all of this mess somewhere. Having been sick for a couple of days, and stressed for a couple of days before that, I've kind of been tossing things around, and now I can't find anything. This isn't normally a problem, except I'm feeling the need to be Organized, when really I should be trying to feel Sleepy, as I am supposed to be ready to go at noon tomorrow, as some subset of peoples are going to tackle a bunch of used book sales, then go over to Patrick's to meet the new kitty. (Kitty!) But no, my brain is going, "Clean!" instead of "Sleep!" Stupid brain. Maybe I can ship it off with my rebellious body and get back something useful on both fronts. You think maybe?
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Tally ho!

8 minutes until I get to play wake-up marm for my friends. The plan is to meet online at noon to figure out exact plans for the day. The general plans are to tackle a couple of local used book sales (because, you know, I need more books), and then to head over to Nazgul's to hang out for a while and meet JD, his kitty. Sadly, it looks like coyote won't be joining us, as other oddities of life have popped up.

Things today are feeling pretty ok. Cleaning the ear this morning wasn't horribly pleasant, but it didn't leave me whimpering in a ball like last night, so that's an improvement. My calves are still kind of twitchy, but nothing I can't handle. So long as my knees don't give out with all the walking today, I think I'll make it.

Righto. Time to finish getting ready. Aloha!
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Home again, home again.

Plans, as they often do, changed. Patrick was feeling frumple, so we modified plans to omit the trip out to Reston. coyote did not, in fact, go with us, as she had other life issues to deal with. So, it ended up being me, Nyarla, and huey for the day.

First, we went to the Arlington County Public Library book sale. It was, as expected, a huge trap. I do have to admit that I would have enjoyed the whole experience more if there had been, say, air at the book sale. As it was, it took place in the parking garage of the library, and it was very very stuffy, which led to me being very sweaty and dizzy and dehydrated. I did manage to corral a goodly number of books, of course. (I had really been doing pretty well until I found the reference section. And the anthropology section. And the sociology section. Gah.)

After leaving that book sale, we went to tackle the book sale at the Springfield Public Library, only to find that, unlike the other library sales in the area, this one had ended at 3PM. Oops. From there, we went in search of a bit that Huey and Nyarla need for their grill, and were foiled by the fact that you can only buy the 50¢ bit as part of a $30 kit. Oops.

By this time, Nyarla was headachy, and I needed liquid, so we went back to Nyarla and Huey's and unloaded books and found drinks and took ibuprofen and played with the puppy and the kitty some. Somewhere along the line, the idea of going to the comic book store. Nyarla and Huey took their car and went to her branch of the comic book store, and I went to my branch. As always, I got sucked in and got more things than I had planned, but, but. Yeah.

Then, we met for dinner at Sunflower, where I continued to be utterly enthralled by their miso soup. I wonder if they sell it by the bucket? So good! And now, I am home, and am very very tired. But I should go down and get the books out of the car. And I really want to go see Spirted Away again, but I think that's beyond me, at least for tonight.

Right. Off to collapse. Or get books. Or go to the movies. Or something. Ato de, ne?
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