October 4th, 2002

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Body in rebellion.

This has not been a good couple of days, meri-body-wise. I woke up yesterday, and my knees were acting up, as they do sometimes, but hadn't in a while. I went to go take a shower, and something very painful happened: I forgot that my ears were newly pierced. This wasn't a major catastrophe... until I went to dry my hair. Ow. Ow ow ow. Then, the headache set in. Shortly thereafter, the back spasms started. Oh, and then a fever.

So, I gave up and spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening in bed. This, of course, ended up breaking my sleep schedule, and I think I finally got to sleep at about 7 this morning, waking up at 10. But, I felt a lot better. My ears didn't hurt, my knees were ok, my back was playing nice, my wrists were even cooperating. And, my fever was mostly gone. Yay!

Then, at some point tonight, things went all haywire again. My calves started cramping, despite the quinine. But, the real problem was my right ear. My cartilage piercing has decided to be angry. Ow ow ow. Don't get my wrong, I'm still in love with this piercing, but yow, this hurts. I did the saline route, and that hurt, and I finally went to peroxide, and started getting icky stuff, but it helped ease the pain back some. Applied Neosporin, took some Advil. Gonna try to sleep on my left side tonight.

Stupid body. Anyone know where I can get a new one?
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