October 2nd, 2002

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No dress for you! Banned, one year!

So, the other day, I asked folks to help me come up with a justification for buying this dress, and the Gweeps (particularly palegreyminion) came through admirably. The GweepCo Christmas party is now formal optional, which is a great excuse. Sadly, based upon how long of a lead time the dress has, I would pretty much have to order it this week in order to get it in time for the party. Sadly, my funds will not allow for such a thing in that timeframe. No dress for me.

*sigh*. Well, it was a good effort, all. Bah.
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Morning keeps breaking.

I actually kind of slept ok last night, despite the cartilage piercing being difficult. But then, the morning has decided to go all screwy. My attempts to clean the cartilage piercing left me feeling mostly dizzy, and I think I'm going to follow-up with the piercey lady to make sure all is well. While I was eating my cereal this morning, part of the temporary filling in my root canal decided to leap to its death and down my gullet. Then, I spilled root beer all over the living room carpet. And now, my hair is refusing to go into pigtails nicely. This day will improve, or I am going to have to pout mightily!
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So, based upon palegreyminion recommendation, I got in touch with the people at Always for Me, and I explained that I am in love with the dress, and that I would love to be able to wear it to a winter party, but that the timing would mean having to order it this week, but that I won't have the money until next month, and when would they charge me, and and and?

I must have sounded sufficiently trustworthy or friendly or desperate or some cmbination therein, because they said that they would do some financial juggling with me to let me achieve all of my dressy dreams! Whoot! I'm going to go over to Nyarla's tonight to get my measurements retaken, so they can be as accurate as possible, and place the order tomorrow.

*bounce* Dress!
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Huh? Wha?

Whoa. I came home, and sat down on the couch, and woke up two and a half hours later. I didn't even notice I was falling asleep, much less notice my piercings. I guess the last couple of nights of sleeplessness caught up with me.
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