October 1st, 2002

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Like I need a hole in my... oh right.

Home again, home again, now with 3 extra holes in my ears. Yup, I went ahead and got all three. I came to this decision after the first (and most likely to be traumatic) piercing failed to be all that painful. I mean, it was certainly sharp for a couple of moments, but less painful than I had anticipated, and a lot less painful than the root canal last week. As an added bonus, sitz's friends the piercey lady and her roommate were both really cool, as were their aminals. Two gorgeous pit bulls, and a friendly cat, and all smart to boot. (And the springy thingie! So neat!)

I should write more, but my wrists are still really frumple from yesterday, so I think I will give them a break. Suffice it to say that many holes were made (3 in me, 1 in huey, 1 in Ny, and sitz was sitting down as I left), and that I didn't faint or anything like that. Yay!
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Things which were not considered...

Sleeping last night was... interesting... what with the new piercings in my ears, and the fact that I always sleep on my side. Sleeping on my left side was less painful than sleeping on my right side, but I tend to toss and turn a lot, switching from side to side. I would then get the bright idea that I could prop my head up with my hand, which would have worked fine... if not for the wrist splints. Oops.

Then, I went to get on my 11AM conference call, and I put my headset on and... ow. It stopped hurting quite as much after a couple of minutes, but it was a nice little shock to help wake me up, I guess.

Cleaning this morning was mostly ok. The two lobe piercings cleaned easily, once I loosened them up. The cartilage piercing, on the other hand, didn't. And, actually, hasn't. Touching the piercing is still very much something I like avoiding, as it hurts quite a bit. But, I'm going to have to tackle that soonish, as I have already experienced my ears trying to fall off, and given the choice, would rather not do it again.
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[insert witty heading here]

This whole prescription thing is getting out of hand. I am up to 6 prescriptions that I fill on a monthly basis, to the tune of $110 a month. And there's no end in sight for any of the prescriptions. Yeesh. (This bit of information has been brought to you by my having picked up 3 prescriptions today and shelling out $60 for the privlege.)

I did go to pick up more fun flavored bottled waters at BJ's today, which is good. dvorak and I are both going to try to cut down on soda / juice consumption for water. I'd really like to get a water dispenser thingie, but have absolutely no place to put one. So, until then, I just work on drinking water via other methods. Yes, yes, I know, I'm a goober.

Still haven't cleaned out that other piercing very well. I'm going to go take a shower soon, and I'll try. Though, perhaps trying this someplace soft and padded instead of slippery and porcelain would be good, so if I manage to make myself faint, it won't result in a trip to the ER.

Planning ahead, I am!
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