September 25th, 2002

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Hooray for maintenance fairies!

This morning, I stumbled into the bathroom to take my shower, and after a few minutes, I noticed that it was brighter in there than it normally is. And, since there are no windows in this bathroom, the light had to be coming from some sort of man-made source. Hmm. Oh neat! The light bulb over the vanity that had broken off in the socket and the one that had done the same thing in the light over the toilet had both been replaced! It was then that I remembered the little "the maintenance man came" notice that was on our door when we got back from the dentist yesterday.

After my shower, I wandered around the apartment and checked out what had been done. Lots!

  • The aforementioned lights in the bathroom had been fixed.
  • My drawer in the bathroom that had come off its runners completely (and then the runners came unmounted) months ago works now!
  • The overhead light in the kitchen works again! Yay!
  • The light in the entryway works again!
  • The sink stopper in the master bedroom works!

There are still some other things that need done, like fixing the counter facing and the light in the closet, but the maintenance fellow left a ntoe saying he'd be back today to finish the work, so hopefully things will get even better today! Yay!
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The good, the bad, the icky.

The good: The maintenance dude came back, and has fixed the closet light and a couple of other things. I'm not sure what he did about the refrigerator, but he said that everything on my list was fixed. Ok, then! I've been flipping the light in the closet off and on. It's neat!

The bad: I am still very very tired, and I'm not entirely sure why.

The icky: My tooth hadn't been bothering me today, then when I was eating lunch, I managed to hit it in just the wrong way, and now the horrible headache has come back, to the point where I'm nauseated. And sitting on this staff conference call is the last thing I want to be doing right now.
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This message has been brought to you by Vitamin P.

Percocet, that is.

I ended up taking a percocet (one of the few bonuses of being a klutz and injury-prone is that you generally have a goodly number of narcotics floating around the house), taking the frozen-buckwheat Tare Panda headache pillow that obra sent me from Japan, and went and spent a lot of time in a very dark room. I feel much better now.

I also have social plans kind of sketched out for the next few days. Tomorrow night, I will be having dinner at Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant with sitz and jenn and huey and nyarla and coyote. Then, we all (sans coyote, who cannot remain on her feet that long) will be heading to the Shark Club to play pool for a while (yay, pool!). On Saturday, Nyarla and I are pondering tackling the Zoo which is always a blast, and the weather is supposed to be really nice, to boot. On Sunday, we're going to try to get together the "meet Nazgul's kitty and go have fondue" gathering that didn't happen last weekend. On Monday, Nyarla and I (and maybe huey) (and maybe sitz) have an appointment to go get holes poked into us (I do not need a nose ring. I do not need a nose ring.). And that's as far as I've gotten planned out, but hey, that's monumental for me.

Work tomorrow also has a bunch of things that need done, and I think I am up to the various tasks, so long as my tooth doesn't decide to go psycho again. Really, it's all about the little things in life.

And now, I go back to (carefully) munching on my soft food, watching TV, sipping froofy booze, and chatting with friends I love. Things could be worse. :)
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