September 22nd, 2002

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Out in the big blue room.

Just got home a few minutes ago. Earlier this evening, dvorak and I went to a lovely fondue dinner at Melting Pot, which was a great deal of fun. Then, I dropped him off at home, and went to see Spirited Away with Nyarla, huey, sitz, and jenn. It was a great movie, and we were pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn't dubbed. Though, Nyarla and I do want to see the dubbed version, since the person who does the voice for Chihiro (the main character) is none other than Daveigh Chase, who provided the voice for Lilo in Lilo & Stitch. Nyarla and I even made hurricane popcorn at the theater, having smuggled in our own arare and furikake. :)

After the movie, we wandered across the street to... uh, some place whose name has completely escaped me, but they have... pool tables! We added ourself to the waiting list for a table, and camped outside listening to an insanely bad stream of music. Our table finally became ready, and sitz, jenn and I wandered in. Nyarla and huey opted to stay outside, as the really bad music was inside, but louder. Eventually, they snuck off, and sitz, jenn, and I played silly pool. I am really really out of practice, and played horribly, but I still had lots of fun, despite the music, and the LOUD. We ended up leaving just before the place (whatever its name is) closed at 1:30, and sitz and jenn gave me a ride back to my car, which was at the other end of a very large, very deserted parking lot. Yay, them!

And now I am tired, and sweaty (the pool place was very stuffy), and my wrists aren't entirely happy with me (held them - particularly the left one - oddly to make (or rather, try to make) a couple of shots), but I am happy, and am hoping for a good night's sleep to top off a wonderful day. And, assuming that Nyarla and I are both coherent tomorrow, we have an assault on DC planned, and I'm pondering getting another piercing while we're out. We shall see!

Hope you all are having great weekends, too. Night night!
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Things don't always work out as planned...

Nyarla and I did make our assault on Dupont Circle today. However, we got to the general area later than anticipated because I got to Nyarla's house late, then we went to the scary anime / game shop to look for a copy of My Neighbor Totoro for Nyarla so she could show huey, who seems much more interested in the genre after last night's venture out to see Spirited Away. We wandered around and I very dutifully didn't buy anything, though I was very tempted by any number of things (comics! anime! stuff aminals!). Then, when we finally did make it to Dupont, we played the "let's wander around in circles and try to find the mythical 'parking structure that is open on a Sunday' beast. Failing that, we lucked out on finding a lovely piece of street parking. By this time, it was nearly 4.

We made our way to Olsson's, where Nyarla picked up a bunch of books for me to pay me back for the tickets that I bought for her and huey to the Slack Key Festival. Then, we pondered a bit, and decided to go grab lunch quickly before going to see the movie. We gulped down our lunch in record time, but when we got back outside to walk across the street to buy tickets, there was a mind-boggling line outside of the theater. Since we had roughly 30 seconds before the movie started, we decided it was unlikely that we would get through the line and into the theater before the movie started. So, we punted on the whole movie plan, and wandered back to the car, stopping at Proper Topper, which turned out to be a huge trap. After that, a quick trip to Borders, and then home again.

At this point, my body decided that it had had quite enough of the whole "no sleep and then wandering around all over the place" thing which it's been putting up with recently, and told me in no uncertain terms that we were going to vegetate this evening, including a nap on the couch. After getting up from that, I had the chance to help out a co-worker with a problem she was having by writing a quick perl script, which is a neat place for me to be. It's different for me to be able to be helpful in the coding arena. Neat!

And now, I think I will return to the whole vegetating thing. Good day, but I am tired, and there is much coming up this week. Conference calls and meetings and root canals, oh my!
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