September 4th, 2002

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To bed with me.

Ok, I have to get up stupid-early on Thursday to catch my flight (amusingly, dvorak is going to wake me up when he comes to bed), so I think I shall try to go sleep now. Night night!
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Not a good start to the day.


I am, apparently, not any good at this sleep thing.

I finally got to sleep around 1:30 this morning. Then I woke up at 4, and couldn't get back to sleep until 6. Then I woke up at 7:30, and was just starting to get back to sleep at 8 when my alarm clock went off.


I went and soaked in the shower, and thought about trying to go back to bed, but I knew that I have to get up even earlier tomorrow morning, so I ventured out into the living room. There, I discovered that our colo box was decidedly unhappy, which, in turn, made me decidedly unhappy. I spent about 45 minutes trying to deal with that, and finally got things back to
something approaching normal, except... the web server isn't running (that was one of the problems, see?), so if you are wondering why you couldn't get to my site earlier today (or any number of other websites hosted on the same server), that's why. (It's still down, as I type this.)

And then stupid co-worker crap. Grmph.

Can we start today over? Please?
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Almost there.

Ok, I think I am almost ready to go. I am 99% packed (just need to deal with bathroom items in the morning), I am eating dinner as I type, and I have taken a Unisom. I will be trying to sleep as soon as I finish eating and updating, and dvorak will be waking me up at 5AM. In theory, there will be a cab picking me up at 7AM. I tried to schedule a Super Shuttle thingie, but they were insisting on picking me up at 5:30 AM. For a 9:30 flight. At an airport that is, at most, 10 miles from me. Uh. No.

I did the typical meri thing and freaked out about 9,000 different things over the course of the evening, and, thus far, none of it has proved necessary. I swear I'm getting better, though. My freaking out ended much more quickly than normal, and I came up with some relatively sane solutions ("Ok, if you're panicking about which particular clothes to pack, just pack all of them. Well, more of them, at least. Put off the panicking until you get there."). I am getting to bed about an hour later than I wanted, but I really kind of expected that, so it works out. I'm not horribly prepared for the concall tomorrow, and I can't find my cell phone headset, but if that's the worst that happens, I'll survive. (Ooops. Sorry, slarti. It is officially my fault if things blow up sometime before Sunday night.)

And now, I finish my food and my drink, and go collapse into bed. G'night. 5 AM will be here soon.
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