August 31st, 2002

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Sitting in the dark.

No, no. This isn't a gloom-and-doom meri update. Rather, we just lost power. There is something horribly geeky about sitting in a powerless apartment, on the computer, typing on a system that sits 12 miles away, chatting on IRC, and updating my journal with regards to my electrical plight. It's neat, this living in the future thing.
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Late again.

Lessee. The power came back on about an hour and a half or so after it went out. We had net most of the time, though the two dead batteries in our UPS are really cutting down on the runtime of the essential systems.

We went to the movies this afternoon. I wanted to go see Blood Work, but we ended up getting there late (I blame dvorak), and it sold out just as we got there. Oops. So, we ended up seeing S1m0ne, which certainly was not on either of our lists of things to go see. While it was better than I had anticipated, it still wouldn't top my list of must-see movies. There were parts of the movie that, based upon the general audience reaction, I was supposed to find amusing, but that I found creepy. Oh well. Should surprise anyone that I'm wired oddly.

I still want to catch Blood Work, and I'd also like to see One Hour Photo. As luck would have it, there are still two days left this weekend. Neat, huh? :) (Though, I think I'm going to go into Chinatown with Nyarla at some point this weekend to get haupia mix for Purgatory.)
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