August 30th, 2002

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Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow.

One of my nervous behaviors (I can't remember how to spell the word that is pronounced "stereo-tippy" and used to denote behaviors that animals present when nervous, agitated, or bored) is to scratch at my head. And I have been exceedingly nervous lately, for any number of reasons. So, my head is not an alltogether pleasant place (physically, that is; at least, for the purposes of this discussion, the mental well-being of my head is not pertinent, though the original assessment probably still stands). This state was not at all improved by dumping a bunch of chemicals on it. Ow.

Things which would have made this process easier (I'm not actually done dyeing my hair yet; I am in the "wait for the dye to set" stage, and have lots of time to kill):
  • Not having cuts on my head;
  • Not having worn a tank top, so that my sunburn looks like it's returned full-force;
  • Not having an applicator bottle that had developed a leak;
  • Not having poked a hole in my latex gloves and... not noticed it;
  • and not having run out of contact lenses (the only time I wear contacts is when I'm dyeing my hair), thus requiring me to wear my glasses, which kept slipping down, since i had petroleum-jellied my face in the hopes of not turning red.

25 minutes to go.
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My hair, it is shorter.

Other things happened, but I am tired, and don't wanna talk about it. So nyah.
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