August 28th, 2002

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I am a moron.

So, it took us 5.5 years, but dvorak and I finally figured that since: a) dvorak and I cannot agree on pizza toppings, and b) Pizza Hut does not have a small pizza, that c) we could get (*gasp*) pizzas with half and half toppings. That works remarkably well.

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Open letter.

Would whoever has stolen my motivation and my ability to concentrate on one thing for more than three seconds and my appetite and whatever useful things I might be missing please return them? I need them. Thanks.
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So. Full.

Just got back from dinner. leeann is in town, and that was a good excuse to head out for Lebanese food. Sadly, the weather decided to play games and bring the first real rains we've had in a while, thus making it a good bit cooler and damper than leeann was expecting. (It was a nice change for us, but really wasn't what leeann was expecting... or what she had packed for.)

The food was quite good, as was the company (five of us: leeann, dvorak, huey, nyarla, and myself). Nyarla and I had a great deal of fun breaking leeann with stupid user stories, of which there are, of course, an infinite supply. Much fun. Yay.
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