August 23rd, 2002

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Why no, I didn't just spend nearly two hours soaking in the shower. I would never do something like that. I didn't even realize I had been in the shower that long until I reached the end of my book. "Erm. That means I've read (flip flip flip) 180 pages. Right, then!"

I am wrinkly.
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I have what, now?

I survived going to the doctor's by myself. (Around the time I had to leave for the doctor, dvorak was just getting back to sleep after having woken up at 11:30 after having gone to bed at 7 this morning, so having him drive me really wasn't an option.) I finally figured out why I have to get a blood test every three months. It seems that the meds I take for my cholesterol (genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, you know) have, in 4 instances, caused the ingestee's body to start consuming its own muscle mass, or some such. They do the blood tests to make sure there aren't any errant meribits in my blood stream, and that my liver and kidneys aren't throwing a fit. However, since I've been on these meds forever, and have yet to have untoward bits of my muscles appear in my blood, assuming all goes well with this round of tests, I can switch to semi-annual blood tests instead of quarterly. Yay!

I also asked my doctor if there was anything he could do about the fact that my calves were pretty much constantly cramping. He asked me a few questions, and it turns out that I have something called "restless leg syndrome." Ok, then. I asked what the solution was, and he said quinine. "... So, I should start drinking gin & tonics?" He looked at me, and responded, "Sure, that would probably work, but you'd have to drink a lot. I can give you a prescription instead, if you like. Or maybe a lower dose, to supplement a steady stream of gin & tonic."

Have I mentioned my doctor is kinda odd?

And, he upped my wrist-owie meds from Celebrex to Vioxx (giving me samples, of course, because he loves samples), and prescribed a wrist brace (ugh). (Double ugh. Insurance doesn't cover it.) (Triple ugh. The one I got doesn't actually fit.)

And I forgot to ask for a refill on my tummy meds again. *sigh*

After leaving the doctor's office (less than half an hour from arrival to departure, including blood draw; not bad), I went to Borders to pick up the paperback I had them holding for me (and really, that's all I meant to buy, I swear). Once I escaped Borders, I went to Home Depot to try to find the fans I had seen the other day. Unfortunately, I went to a different Home Depot, so not only did they not have those fans, but they only had one floor fan at all. Like, not just one model. One at all. So I bought that one. After that, I went to Safeway, to try to get prescriptions filled. I got 3 filled, and will pick up the fourth on Monday. Then, I went to Total Beverage to buy booze. Then I went to Whole Foods to buy food. And now I am home and collapsing, but I must rush around and do dishes and assemble the fan and whatnot before coyote gets here.

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