August 22nd, 2002

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Ugh. Another icky day.

I started out grumpy because my sleep "schedule" decided to go zany again last night.
    <meri> i got home, made dinner, fell asleep until 10. woke up, stayed up til midnight. fell asleep until 2. woke up, stayed up til 4. fell asleep until 6. etc, etc.
    <truss> You need to set your REPEAT_INTERVAL to something longer. :)
    <meri> truss: no kidding. it was kind of amusing, but really annoying.
    * Truss would very much like access to his .config file

(He's got a point there.)

Then, more work suck happened. More people laid off, including people I was closer to, particularly one fellow who was confinced he was going to be part of this round, and sadly, was right. More mailing list sadness. More tedium of the daily grind. More trying to figure out why, exactly, apache on the new lists server I'm trying to build hates me. You know, the standard stuff.

Since I waited to buy tickets to Boston until I knew I still had a job, and since I konked out last night instead of buying the tickets, I had passed the magic 3-week mark to when I wanted to be in Boston, and prices had shot up 60% overnight. Joy. I researched other options, including the train, but ended up just moving to the next morning at a stupid hour (have to be at the airport by 7:30 or so) and will deal with that when I get closer to my departure date.

I needed to go grocery shopping, but somehow forgot this until it was rush hour, and then stupidly went anyway. As a result, I got to sit in traffic for 40 minutes on what is normally a 15 minute drive. Joy. Also, even though I wasn't hungry, my body was apparently pretty annoyed that it'd been about 21 hours since it last got food, and decided it wanted to buy everything in the store. I mostly restrained myself, but it was annoying.

I did pick up things for dinner, fixings for one of our favorite meals, in fact. Unfortunately, it is also one of the more tedious and time-consuming meals that I make. While this seemed like a good idea when I bought the stuff, it didn't appeal so much by the time I got up to make dinner. But I had bought the food, and wouldn't be able to really use it for a few days unless I used it tonight, so making it I am. It's just a huge hassle, and it's hot, and my stomach is full of lemonade, and, and, and.

On the plus side, I'm being downright social. As mentioned yesterday, I went over to fimbul's for a couple of hours with the abuse folks to drink beer. I finally got to meet fimbul's girl, who seemed quite cool, and his cat, who let people people him. (Wow. Weird.) coyote is coming for dinner tomorrow night (yay!). I am going to attack Bethesda and DC with Nyarla on Saturday, in an attempt to stay out of the house and keep quiet so dvorak can continue resetting his sleep schedule for icky maintenance that night. And leeann is going to be in town next Wednesday, so we shall be going to dinner with her. And, of course, I'm going back to Boston in three weeks.

The lure of moving to Boston has been strong. The vast majority of my friends are up there (not to discount those of you down here in Virginia, really, but I only ever see one of you anyway (not that that isn't good, but but but)). People seem to actually want me to be around, which is a nice feeling. Of course, that may just be because I'm a novelty. Absense making the heart grow fonder and whatnot. Ah well. It's not like I'm going to be paying to move anywhere, anytime soon. I don't know if the Boston folk realize how much I miss them, though, and how much I wish I could spend real-life time with them.

Oh yeah. And I have to go to the doctor tomorrow. Joy.

Time to go peel potatoes, I think.
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Need. More. Fans.

The temperature in the apartment keeps fluctuating madly, depending on any number of factors. Unfortunately, I'm kind of on a cooking kick right now (which is odd, since I'm certainly not on an eating kick right now), and that adds to the heat in the apartment. Despite the $350 electricity bill this month (yes, that's right), the air conditioner just can't keep up. I find myself spending a lot of time at my desk when I would rather be on the couch reading or even with my laptop simply because my desk has a fan right next to it. I almost gave in and bought a couple of standing fans when I was at Home Depot yesterday (the day before?) looking for a bookshelf, but didn't, thinking, "Eh, summer's almost gone." I think I will definitely have to be making a stop somewhere between the doctor's and buying dinner fixings tomorrow.

Melty meri.
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How odd.

The apartment seems to have eaten the big glass bowl that goes with the mixer. If you happen to see it, could you please let me know? This is putting a crimp in my plans. Thanks!
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