August 14th, 2002

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So, I am home again, with pretty painted nails, and new lipstick, with the nailpolish and lipstick (and many more lipsticks) in a little baggie. I brought home roughly as much makeup as I already own, and yet I know I haven't made a noticable dent in Nyarla's collection. Fun!

Also fun was playing with the aminals. Zeus is turning into a real attention hound, though he's not yet anywhere near as a much of a ham as Jake was. It's great seeing him relaxed and happy and playful. And Strega! Apparently, Strega has decided I am a worthy human being, and climbed into my lap on three separate occassions this evening, and demanded that I pet her several other times. It was also quite amusing watching the Zeus / Strega house-dominance struggle continue. Strega seems to have remembered that she was there first, and damned if this upstart mutt was going to rule the roost. She simply has a new dog to train. This involved batting Zeus on the head several times, and producing the most amazing growl for a cat that weighs all of 5.5 pounds. (I'm always afraid I'm going to break Strega when I pet her. She's like 1/3 of packet.) All very entertaining.

Also! I now have another clean blanket, thanks to the generousity of Nyarla and huey and their wonderful magical real-sized washer and dryer. Yay! Maybe now we can see if a blanket besides the (admittedly poor choice) down comfortable will be tolerable during the summer, or if I need to just bite the bullet and go shop for a summer-weight blanket.

(It's weird, typing with painted nails. I'm paranoid about screwing them up before the wedding on Friday.)

(Oh yeah, and I came home and showed dvorak my nails. He looked at them (they are dark red) and said, "Oh, yeah, by the way, you're a goth." *sigh*)

But, we are moving more news machines tomorrow, so I should probably go try to get to sleep soonish. G'night, folks!
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I should be packing...

Today has been quite the emotional rollercoaster. No reason, even. Just my brain and body decided that I was going to be tired, then sad, then bouncy, then giddy, then tired, then panicky. We're working on panicky now.

I really do need to pack, though. I suppose deciding what I'm going to take with me would be a good first step. At some point today I had joked that I was going to be so frazzled when I packed that I would show up in Massachusetts with the clothes I was wearing, a suitcase full of comics, and a stuffed panda. (Nobody even blinked when I said that. I'm not sure what that says about me.)

But, I am not packing yet. I am... carefully not packing. I will end up doing this at the last minute, and forgetting something important (dress? shoes? makeup? toothbrush? cell phone?) and then panicking about that.

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