July 25th, 2002

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But just pals...

Earlier today, dvorak came into the living room and handed me a copy of Newsweek and said, "You have to read the interview with Bert and Ernie," then walked out.


And, he's right. It's hilarious. Transcribed here for your perusal.

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Not sure how to handle this...

As I said in my first post, I still consider my journal on burly mango to be my real journal. I mean, that's where the rest of me is, and all of my years of journaling, and my photo gallery, and and and.

But now I have this place, too. And I don't want to just let it stagnate just so I can post in other folks' journals, since I'm a weenie like that.

So, the question comes, how do I juggle this? For instance, the Bert & Ernie interview is now in both of my journals, and I know there are (or are going to be) folks that read both journals, and I hate to bore them. What's the right answer, here? I really want to keep all of my content in my burly mango journal, since that's the one that I'm sure about having around for any period of time, but ...

Yeah. Rambling. Any ideas?
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