January 24th, 2002

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Goddamn rassing frassing bookstores.

I was being really good about this whole 'not spending money' thing. (Well, relative to me. I'm trying, ok?) Then someone mentioned one of my books that's been on my 'out of print books to check for periodically' list for quite some time. So I went to check on that book. And I found a site that had it. And I checked on another book, and Powell's had it. So then I ended up placing a mondo order at Powell's. Grf.

It's probably a good thing I don't live in Portland anymore. If I ever lived in Portland when I was making any amount of money, I would be doomed. Powell's was just down the street from GST's offices in Portland, and it was a huge trap. (As was, of course, Powell's Technical Books, one block further down.)

Mmm. More books on the way. I shall consider this to be the treat that I was jokingly promising myself for going and getting the car inspected. Of course, I didn't get the car inspected. I shall have to do that tomorrow to deserve the treat I just bought myself.

Um. Yeah.