January 23rd, 2002

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Ok, so my body had different ideas about the whole plan.

I have (and am currently on) a conference call at 11 this morning. I planned to wake up around 9:30 or 9:45 so as to be able to shower and be somewhat awake before the call started. My body, however, had entirely different plans. I slept through (but still turned off) all three alarms, and awake with a start at 10:48 AM. Just enough time to pee and brush my teeth and kind of wake up enough to dial a phone before the call started.

Of course, going to bed at like 3 and then reading a distubing book for another hour or two probably didn't help the whole "waking up early" process, either. I'll probably learn that "staying up late" does not equal "waking up early" some day.
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Oddly productive morning.

(Well, for my values of 'morning'.)

After the conference call I:
  • Tried to schedule the car for maintenance, but left a message instead.
  • Scheduled a grooming session for packet.
  • Called the vet and asked them to print out a copy of packet's rabies certification so that I could take packet to get groomed.
  • Called a couple of magazines and said, "Hey! I paid you! Stop saying I didn't!"
  • Called Motient and said, "My pager isn't working! Fix!"
  • Wrote a letter to the leasing office asking for a new lease (our current lease expires at the end of this month).

Still on the plate for today (other than like, actual work stuff) are:
  • Picking up the copy of packet's rabies report.
  • Getting an emission inspection for the car.
  • Weed out the old / don't fit / don't want clothes from my closet and drawers (well, what passes for drawers for me).

Yay, doing stuff.
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No inspection for you! Banned, one year!

By the time I left the house to go get the emissions inspection, it was already just after 4, and I knew that my chances of finding a testing station that was still accepting vehicles for today were slim. I did, however, feel compelled to try, so I went. Besides, I had to go pick up packet's rabies report so she can get groomed next week.

Off I went, and sure enough, all three of the testing stations I stopped at had closed to new vehicles for the day. Well, foo. Tomorrow, I guess. I did manage to get packet's report, so that's done, at least.
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I keep thinking that should have been more difficult.

The final non-work thing I had on my to-do list for today was to go through and get rid of all of the clothes I'm not going to wear any more, for whatever reason. I really didn't want to do it, but I'm trying to be better about doing the things on my to- do list within the time frames that I set. So, I grabbed some trash bags and dove into the closet.

Less than 10 minutes later, I was done. Two big trash bags full of clothes grabbed from hangers and shelves. That just strikes me as wrong for some reason. It just seems that the process should have taken longer.

Oh well. Tomorrow's household task is to deal with the ever-expanding bag collection. I suspect that will take significantly longer. If nothing else, I actually care more about my bags than I do about my clothes. (Yes, I mean that. Leave me alone.)