January 22nd, 2002

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DSL ahoy!

Well, @home didn't break with the cutover to Comcast. At least, not as badly as anticipated. We'll see how well the whole IP address thing works out, but they are handing out one week leases, so maybe they won't change all that often. But, our RCN DSL is still going away on Friday, and just to be safe, I ordered new DSL today from Speakeasy. And, theoretically, it will be installed on Wednesday (next Wednesday). We'll see how well that works out.
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The new math.

Something I'm never going to understand is how phone bills work. I look at my bill, and I see, "You have made $25 in calls. Please send us $33." ... I don't know why the idea of paying for the ability to use something (even if I don't use it) bugs me so much with long distance. I mean, it's the same principal as insurance, kind of. Maybe because it irks me to have to pay two different phone bills every month? "Here's my check to Verizon, and here's my check to AT&T. What the hell?" The cute little "This month you have saved $242.65 with AT&T One Rate International Plan," bit on my bills is another source of annoyance. I currently play $0.16 per minute on calls to Japan. In order for me to have saved $242.65, AT&T's normal rate for a direct-dial call to Japan would have to be $2.47. Yes, yes, I know, they base their 'savings' as a comparison against operator-assisted prime time calls made from a pay phone on Venus, but still.

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Yay the lizzie! Yay the Jer!

Whoot! Last Friday, Jer told me that I should go check my mail. After figuring out that he didn't mean my email, I figured that I wouldn't be able to check my PO box until Monday. Then, yesterday, I realized that it was a federal holiday, so anything that was too large to fit in said PO box wouldn't be available. Today, I finally made it to the post office, and emerged with a box of goodies from lizzie and jer.

Neat stuff! Darjeeling tea sampler, lots of bubble gum, a 'healing garden zzzztheraphy' slumblerland sleep kit with chamomile (milk bath, body lotion, pillow and room spray, and tea), one of those mesh bath sponge thingies, a cute Hello Kitty fuzzy- dice-esque thing, and a Lindt Lindor Truffles bar. A "post holiday de-stress kit." They know me so well.

Yay. Thank you! =)
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Well, that's good to know, I guess.

I went in to the office today so that Dell support could fix my laptop again. I had the same guy who came to fix it last time. Nice guy. Baby face.

Anyway, I was talking to him, and said that I had no idea how this kept happening to my laptop ('this' being the hinges connecting the display to the laptop siezing and then shearing off), that I really didn't think that I was doing anything particularly odd to my laptop. He then told me that this problem is the hardware failure that he is sent to fix the most on this model of Dell.


*sigh* So, the goal now is to get a new laptop before service expires on this one. Fortunately, that's a year and a half out or so, so I have some time to save. I wonder if the service guy would be happy with me calling him and pumping him for info about the pros and cons and known problems with various laptops before I made a decision.