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A week in the life...

Ok, so, I can sit down to breathe for a bit, so I figured I'd go ahead and fill folks in on a little bit of what all has been going on in my life.

The car giveth, the car taketh away.
On Monday, I went to Carmax to look at cars, particularly one that I had found on the web site. I took the car for a test drive, and decided it would be a good merimobile, so I sat down and started the nerve-breaking process of applying for financing, fully expecting (and having told them) that I would not qualify. But, lo and behold! They approved me... at an insane interest rate. I called dvorak to let him know that I had been approved, and the details. The conversation went something like this:

<meri> I was approved for a loan! Yay!
<dvorak> Terrific. What terms?
<meri> At <percent>.
<dvorak> ... That's ridiculous. Put me down as a co-signer.
<meri> But, but! I was approved!
<dvorak> Yeah, but you're getting screwed. Put me down as a co-signer.

So, I did, and the interest rate did in fact come down considerably. However, this means that dvorak needed to be there to sign paperwork and whatnot. This actually kind of worked out, as that meant that I could go fetch him and bring him out, and then I wouldn't have to worry about getting multiple cars home. I began to head home, in the car that I had borrowed from LostVger several days before.

As I was driving down 28, the battery light came on on in the car. "Huh," says I, and continued on, figuring I would get the car home, and deal with the battery thing the following day. I got onto the toll road, and all the lights in the car flashed, and the tach reported that I had no power. And guess what? It was right!

I coasted onto the shoulder, and called around for tow trucks, called dvorak to let him know what was going on, called Praveen (my sales rep at Carmax) to do the same, and called kazmat to let her mock me, which she happily did.

The tow truck showed up, and I had the car towed to work, and dvorak came and fetched me there. We went back to Carmax, and after an hour of paperwork and signing and whatnot, I became the proud co-owner (me and the bank, you know) of a white 2001 Dodge Neon with just under 18K miles on it. It is cute. It is silly. And, you know, I know that the car is a silly little econobox, but, as I was telling cz_unit, it's my silly little econobox, and I am inordinately fond of it.

Anyway, after fetching the car, I went over to huey and Nyarla's, and was sitting on their deck talking to them, and told them that Neons had to be cool, what with the original, "Hi!" campaign. Nyarla immediately turns to me and says, "So, the car is named Nathan, then."


Damnit, she's right.

(For those who aren't in the know (there are people who haven't seen where this is going?), dr_memory has Minions, who are to spread the word that, "Nathan says Hi!" So, really, if my car says, "Hi!" it must be named Nathan. QED.

I am not thrilled with the fact that the car is whilte, but Nyarla and usagijer have both pointed out that this makes it very easy to make it an art car. (More on this later.)

Yeah. Car. Cute. Silly. Mine. Yay.

(And, huey and I are guessing that the alternator is dead in LostVger's Saturn. More will be determined later.)

It's good to have insider information.
I had my second phone interview with Tufts on Tuesday. I had just started getting nervous about it when I realized that I had no idea what time the interview was supposed to be, so I decided to not worry about it until I knew that. Just as I had decided this, T (the interviewer) called. We spoke for about an hour, alternating between tech questions, relating anecdotes, project management / management questions, and generally babbling at each other. fubar and awfief report that the interview went quite well, and I have since scheduled an in-person interview for Friday. Neep!

Willie Nelson concert

I spent a couple of days offline for a couple of reasons, and spent the time either hiding out in my bedroom (oh, yeah, that's right: I have a bedroom again; dvorak's bed was delivered on Tuesday night), and finally emerged somewhat on Wednesday to go to the Willie Nelson concert with Nyarla and coyote.


First of all, I don't care if you don't like Willie Nelson or country music in general. To each his own, etc. I have no real desire to defend my musical tastes to anyone.

That being said, the concert kicked ass. The venue was packed. coyote had been to a number of shows there, and said she had never seen the place so crowded. The opening act was great, and is local, so I'll definitely be checking them out again. (There need to be more country bands with horn sections.) And then, Willie came out on stage. And got a standing ovation. Before he said a word or played a note. Always a good sign.

The show was just incredible. It's clear that his voice is going a little bit, either from simple age (the man is 70, you know) or from extended touring. He spoke more lyrics than he sang, and most of the songs were at a faster tempo than I was expecting, but damn he can still perform, and his band was pretty damned good, too. (It seems that long flowing hair runs in the Nelson family. Willie's sister was on the piano, and she could have easily sat on her hair, had she wanted to.) Oh, and coyote, Nyarla and I are plotting how to kidnap the harmonica player, who certainly did not appear to be 50 on stage, and and and... Yeah. We'll take one to go, please.

Two encores later, the concert finally ended, and we filed out to the parking lot, and once in the car, sat and waited to escape. While waiting, I called my father to gloat about where I was and what I had been doing (dad's responsible for the fact that I"m a country fan), but he wasn't in his room (he's in San Diego at the moment), so I left a message.

We met up with huey at Amphora for dinner, and I finally stumbled home around 2AM, quite pleased with the evening.

Friday, Friday, Friday!
I went out to lunch with coyote on Friday, and while there, the world started falling apart.

First, I got a call from my boss (yes, I'm still employed; RCN hasn't given me an end date yet). I can't relate what he told me, but... yeesh. So, as coyote and I were sitting there blinking at each other and whatnot, the phone rang again.

This time, it was huey. "Hi. I've totalled the car, and we think Nyarla broke her hand."


coyote and I managed to finish lunch without any further unrest, and when we got back to her place, I was about to start calling friends to make sure they were ok (since it just seemed to be that kind of day), when Tracy (for the Tufts people, not that Tracy) called to tell me that they had found cysts in her uterus.


At this point, I do call a few people to check and make sure that they're ok, including kazmat and LostVger. Nobody else had had their lives blow up, so coyote and I took off to Bull Run Park to go hiking in the mud, but it seems that the rain had been a lot worse than anticipated, and the park was closed, so we went to the Blake Run dog park, which was a lot of fun.

I'm sure that more stuff happened in here somewhere, but I'm not remembering it.

More about Saturday later, if I remember. If not, suffice it to say that I spent the day hanging out with and helping various friends, and I got silly things to put on my car, and I helped to car shuffling at 2AM, and I babysat, and I didn't do nearly enough cleaning. Oh, and Borders stores are now T-Mobile Hotspots. Doom!

I am going to go try to get a little bit of stuff done before huey calls so I can cart him around to auto parts stores.


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