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The flowers, they are dying.

The flight home yesterday was fairly uneventful, with really only three things sticking out in memory.

First was the woman who had been issued a stand-by ticket for the 2 o'clock shuttle (my flight) and a real boarding pass for her original flight (the 3 o'clock shuttle) who couldn't seem to grasp that since the flight was full, she was not going to get to stay on the plane, and would, in fact have to give up her seat to the gentleman with the real boarding pass for this flight. That took a little time to straighten out. ("I have a very heavy bag. It would be hard to get off the plane. Couldn't he just take the next flight?")

Then there was the guy sitting next to me. I was working on crossword puzzles, and he pulled out a puzzle book of his own. Sadly, he was not very good at them. (He was doing the very first puzzle in the book - a newsstand Dell release - and was only getting an answer every 30 seconds or so.) When he saw that I seemed to be pretty good at them, he started asking me for answers to clues. So, I would answer them. Then, he seemed to get angry that I knew the answers. Then, he started making up questions. "What is a 14-letter word for a musical instrument. Starts with S." (He was doing an easy puzzle, on a 15x15 grid. No way was there a 14-letter answers in that puzzle.) "Gee. I don't know. I guess you've stumped me!" He looked smug. Yees.

Finally, we got stuck sitting on the tarmac for about 20 minutes because the radar system at National had gone out. Oops. Oh well, it could have been much longer, and I had gotten there early, so I got a good seat (exit row aisle), and for some reason, haven't been too horribly panicky the last few flights I've had. So all was well.

But, despite all this, I finally got to National, and fetched my bags, and met dvorak. We came home, and I went back out in search of aloe gel to use on my sunburn. While out, I also finally managed to find some vases at Whole Foods, so I bought vases and flowers. Sadly, only 24 hours later, they seem to be doing quite poorly. Maybe it's too warm in the apartment. Maybe packet's attempts at eating them have scared them into a premature demise. Maybe I just have a brown thumb. Who knows? But, I am home, and all is more or less well.

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