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Morning, it breaks.

Ok, there appears to be a very real danger of me turning into a morning person.

How disconcerting.

At least it's happening at a time when I need it to happen, since chances are good that any job I get will require me to be awake during normal human hours.
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Hi hi! *big hugs* How are you, this fine day?

(Don't mind me. I'm suffering from an acute case of epiphany, and am unreasonably chipper.)
Marveling at the sun actually. It's big, it's bright, it's kind of funny looking if you stare at it for awhile. :-)

Sleepy. Had a busy weekend. Yaknow, if you're ever in the Metro center area let me know and we'll do lunch.

It might not even be raining.

Hee! Sun! Isn't it grand?

Saw about your weekend, though. It sounded wonderful. :) My weekend was, well, different. Very stressful, but I think it helped me a lot in ways I didn't even really know I needed. (More on this later.)

And hey, I'm about to be unemployed. I think I can manage to be in Metro Center sometime. :)

But I'm dubious about the prospects of a lack of rain.
Yeah, that's pretty much happened to me. Most of my co-workers are morning people, so I started getting up early because I was sick of being alone in the office for two hours after everyone left. Now I get antsy if it's fully light when I wake up - I feel like I'm missing out on something. It's also really peaceful early in the morning. Right now, I'm cruising on jetlag from England, so I was up at about 4am.
The waking-up-with-the-dawn thing was actually a drawback on that trip because by the time we got to Scotland, it was getting light around 3:30am. (And staying light out until 11pm.)