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To be filed under "horrible, horrible idea"...

... that must be done.

I'm looking for a license plate for my car. My first choice is taken, so I started goofing around with kviri, and we came up with...

We're going to hell, aren't we?
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See, the problem is, meri thinks I was kidding. :)

Though I'm not sure about that "eradicate" bit in there...

And I really should do something with
does snoobs mean something that my late night brain is too addled to get?
Dunno about going to hell, but I'm sure going to laugh my ass off the first time I see it on a car...
I thought you were already in your handbasket ? Schedule must be off ...
Yep, just remember: I'll be hosting the super BurgerFest cookout down at the BottomLess BBQ pit.

As for the little guys with pitchforks, don't worry; they're just the staff.

Oh excellent. :)

(Though, for a moment, I thought you were saying that you really are having a cookout, and remembered that you're in the area. :) )
Actually I am having a cookout at the end of the month. Send me your email addy at and I will send you the invite and info.

Wow. That explains why I woke up in a handbasket this morning!