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[meme] Interview questions from mindways.

Ok, this one is huge, as mindways has co-opted a bunch of other questions and made them his own, so it's behind the cut.

  1. The first set.

    1. Do you enjoy dancing? If so: any particular sorts, or just your general go-to-a-club dancing?

      I do, but rarely do it, as I tend to do so with the grace of a beached whale. :)

    2. If you were to choose a melee weapon to learn other than sword, what would it be?

      Hmmm. I'm not allowed to play with weaponry, but huey and Nyarla recently acquired a chainsaw on the end of a 10-foot stick that's pretty alluring.

    3. What are two or three ways in which you see you & me as being similar? Different?

      I think we both care a lot about the people around us, and both like to give hugs. You're (in my limited experience) a hell of a lot more grounded than I am, and I envy you that.

    4. If you were cloned into multiples of you, how would y'all get along with yourselves? (Along the continuum of "would kill each other", "could get along OK, I suppose", or "would cooperate to take over the world")?

      We'd apologize each other to death, I think. Though, I know that delenn1122 is more like me than any other person I've ever met, and I'm insanely grateful to have her in my life.

    5. Are there any people (not including your parents) that you look to as father/mother figures, to a greater or lesser degree?

      Not really. Perhaps not even including my parents, considering.

  2. The second set.

    1. What size bra do you wear?


    2. What's your favorite piano piece? (Need not contain *only* piano, but must have one in it.)

      Eeep! Entirely too many to name.

    3. What's the earliest memory you have of someone who isn't a direct relative of yours?

      Being lifted in my child tub in the swimming pool by a man whose name I can no longer remember. He was our next door neighbor in the first apartment complex we lived in in Denver, and was very grandfatherly to me. A very sweet old man.

    4. What's your least favorite vegetable? (Not including funguses. :)

      Brussel sprouts, peas out of the pod, and lima beans all compete for top billing.

  3. The third set.

    1. What's your favorite game? (Period or not.) Why?

      Ooof. Role-playing games, I'd probably say good old-fashioned AD&D, with a combination of 1st and 2nd edition rules. Board games, probably Scrabble, because I love words and crosswords. I tend to default to board games and card games for entertainment. I also love Trivial Pursuit and the ilk.

    2. If you had to choose between the two options, would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

      I think a leg. As others have mentioned, the state of prosthetics for legs has come a lot further than that for hands, and I use my hands a hell of a lot more. But, I sure would miss that leg.

    3. What experience do you have with horseback riding, and do you/did you enjoy it? Why?

      I haven't gone riding in years (was going to go this last weekend, but turns out that 3 of the 4 people in my party (myself included) exceeded the weight limit for that stable). I seem to recall doing a bit of riding as child, and liking it, but memories are fuzzy.

    4. Which do you value most in a friend: Intellect, Passion, Honesty, or Kindness? (Need not be an absolute answer; detail is fine.)

      Honesty first, I think. I am so horribly insecure that I need to know where I stand, and not be fed platitudes and what people think I need to hear. I want to know what's going on in the lives of people around me, and how I can interact with them. The other three... wow, they all work out about even. I can't imagine becoming really close friends with someone who doesn't exhibit all four fairly strongy.

  4. The fourth set.

    1. What things make you feel bold + daring?

      Me? I don't do bold and daring. I am timid and cowardly. :)

    2. About what ratio of your free time to you prefer to spend with other people vs. by yourself?

      That varies greatly, both upon my mood, and upon the people in question. I know that there are a couple of people around whom I could spend near infinite amounts of time, though I would still end up wanting time by myself, and there are other people and/or situations which I can't stand for more than minutes or hours at a time.

      On average, I think I'm fairly social, but I do require time to myself.

      How's that for not answering the question?

    3. What is something you believe more people should be careful about?

      Heh. Everyone else is saying things like driving and sex and the environment. Me, I go with, "How we treat one another." I think the world would be a much better place if people spent more time just stopping to think about what they are doing and saying, and how their actions are going to make the people around them feel. I'm not saying that other people should dictate your life choices or behaviors, but I do think that it should be a consideration for more people.

    4. Do you have any craft-y hobbies - ie, hobbies that involve making something? (They don't have to be things you do frequently, just ones that you enjoy when you *do* do them.)

      Beading (damn you, lizzielizzie. I used to do metal work. I don't know if this counts, but making web sites is one of my favorite outlets. Does making music count?

    5. How sexually adventurous do you consider yourself? (As in, 'the willingness to try new/different/unusual things', not necessarily actual experience with such.)

      Oh, fairly. "I'll try anything that doesn't involve used food or used people."

  5. The fifth set.

    1. How do you think you've changed over the last 5-6 years or so?

      Oh goodness. I've become more aware of how I affect the lives of those around me, how my actions and words can send ripples through the lives of people I care about. I've become much more indecisive and frightened and insecure. I've gained a lot of weight. :)

    2. What is your most vivid memory?

      ... Wow. Hrm.

      Many of the things that stand out strongly in my mind are bad memories, that I choose to not share with the world at large. If you're really curious, feel free to ask me privately. I reserve the right to not respond.

    3. What's something you only tend to do alone/when with your SO that has nothing to do with sex?


    4. Roughly what % of the tapes/DVDs that you own have you actually watched?

      Probably about 80%. I tend to buy movies that I think I'll want to watch. Or at least, I did, until my financial situation changed. :)

    5. Are there any folks that you've meant to get in touch with for more than a year, but haven't gotten 'round to? Who?

      Quite a few, really. I did manage to reconnect with a number of them via this here LiveJournal thing (hi, weds! hi, chorus!). A couple of people from high school that I'd like to find and see how they're doing. (If anyone happens to know a Heather Horn, Winston Sakurai, or Loyan Roylance, tell them to drop me a line, eh?)

  6. The sixth set.

    1. What's the longest distance you've ever walked in a single stretch?

      Hrm. Quite a bit. I used to do fun runs / walks. I think the longest one was a 30K?

    2. What's your least favorite insect?


    3. What do you appreciate most about computers?

      The ability to keep in touch with people I wouldn't be able to in other circumstances.

    4. Do you believe in spirits, angels, and/or fairies?

      Hrm. I'm ... not sure. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    5. What do you like/dislike about your body?

      Heh. Let's see...

      Dislikes: Weight, at the top of the list. I'm working on that, though. The general broken state (bad joints, bad stomach, inability to sleep, etc).

      Likes: My smile, I guess. :)

  7. The seventh set.

    1. If you were able to cause someone to die simply by wishing it so, would you ever use that power?

      I really don't think so. I'm entirely too volatile to be given that sort of power.

    2. What's your favorite cartoon character(s) from childhood or teen years?

      Um. Erm. Um.

      Captain Caveman? Hello Kitty? :)

    3. How often do you think about sex?

      This varies greatly, ranging from "not at all" to "constantly".

    4. What's something that you really, really want to do, but haven't done yet simply due to lack of motivation/not yet getting around to it?

      Learn to be a better photographer.

    5. Have you ever punched a wall? A pillow? A person? A senator?

      Yes. Yes. Yes. No.

    6. What's something you accept/tolerate well/are OK with that most people don't/aren't?

      Friends being broken and needy. "Alternative" lifestyles. Marketing.

  8. The eighth set.

    1. While you're immersed in the middle of a creative project, how do you feel?

      Obsessed. If I've finally reached a point where things are working, I'll stick with it until it either stops working or until I fall over.

    2. What's something you enjoy that you'd really like to do more often?

      Spend quiet time with friends, talking and learning more about them.

    3. When did you first realize you loved [someone that you love] ("When" == "under what circumstances" in addition to actual date/time/time of year).

      Hmmm. Let me get back to you on this.

    4. What are three things (not necessarily big ones) about which you're actively optimistic? (ie, your anticipations default to "solidly positive" in the absence of evidence to the contrary)

      I don't really do optimism. It's a big fault of mine.

  9. The ninth set.

    1. In what ways do you treat yourself differently than you treat your friends? Why?

      Like everyone else who's answered, I think that I'm a lot more unforgiving with myself than I am with my friends. I will happily and easily accept behavior from people I care about that I could never condone in myself. Everyone is their own person, and while I certainly can maintain standards of what to expect from them, I try to not go overboard with it.

    2. What's the shortest/longest you've ever worn your hair?

      Shortest: I once had hair about 1/8" all the way around my head. In the 8th grade. My mother thought it woudl be cute. She was wrong.

      Longest: When I was 3, I would regularly trip over my own hair.

    3. What's your attitude towards nudity?

      I'm fairly liberal about it. I think that the attitude of nudity == obscenity is ridiculous. "I think it's sad that we live in a society where a bare breast is considered more obscene than a bare blade." Amongst friends I am comfortable with - and who are comfortable with it - I will go about naked. (Consider yourself warned.)

    4. Is there anyone who's died whom you frequently + actively wish were still alive?

      Sam Miyashiro.

    5. If you had unlimited money to spend on works of art, decoration, and other aesthetic/beautiful but utterly non-functional things - what would you buy, make, commission, or otherwise use the money for?

      Oh boy. Music to convey love and hurt and joy and pain and laughter and tears. Words that help others understand that they are not alone. Um. I can't express what I want, here.


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