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Career change?

(Aren't I Miss Chatty today?)

So, I'm being booted out of my job, and I'm pondering... should I change careers? Should I think about a world outside of the tech world? What could you see me doing for a living?

(Serious and silly answers alike. Have fun.)
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Replying late.
After a decade or more of it, though, a lot of people seem to be finding that the opportunities out there in the field aren't things that make us happy. I don't know what I want to do, but I'm pretty sure that pure bit-pushing isn't it, anymore.

I know 10 years experience has gotten me to a place where I spend most of my time laying groundwork for someone else to write code. It has its satisfactions I suppose, but the rush of getting to see the my handiwork helping others is pretty much gone and has been for years. My point? Our jobs are not the things that drew us to the profession anymore. At least mine's not. A'course the money's still good.