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Career change?

(Aren't I Miss Chatty today?)

So, I'm being booted out of my job, and I'm pondering... should I change careers? Should I think about a world outside of the tech world? What could you see me doing for a living?

(Serious and silly answers alike. Have fun.)
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Off the top of my head...
While I take a lot of pictures, I don't know that I'm actually any good at it. :) This also applies to writer, and chef. (Erm. Things I do a lot, but don't know that I'm good enough to make a living at them.)

I'm not saying that you could become a pro right off the bat (I think for each of those things, a few classes might be in order), but you certainly have the potential. Same with interior design, I think. You have an artsy mind and can usually put things together that look/sound/taste good. With a bit of formal training, that could easily evolve into a career path.