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If you happen to catch me using this in conversation...

I got tired of saying "* meri opens her mouth, raises a finger, starts to say something, thinks better of it, closes her mouth, puts down her finger" and so I have dubbed that sequence a "flimbert".

So, if you ever see "* meri flimberts" you now know what it means.
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you know, i just saw you do that on irc and was wondering what it meant. now i know :)
So, out of curiosity: When you "think better of it", is it usually because you realize that what you were about to say isn't relevant? That it would likely offend someone? That you don't think anyone would care to hear it? That you'll use up your allotment of characters on IRC? Something else?
Hmmm. I think mostly that I worry that things are inappropriate. I know, I know, silly in the IRC crowd, but... :)

(Wait. We have allotments of characters for IRC? Oh hell.)