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[meme] Interview questions from lizzielizzie.

  1. Would you ever consider being an online/phone sex operator?

    Wow, this is a hard question, and probably not for reasons you think.

    I don't have any problems with most sex work. Spider Robinson once said something which I am paraphrasing badly here: "If you think it is wrong to pay for people to care for you, you have no business flying first class, or getting a manicure, or any number of other things."

    So, the question for me isn't one of morals or ethics, really, though I do admit to some part of my brain twinging at it. No, for me, it's the practical issues that get in the way.

    First, I hate the phone. I hate using it. I am only getting to the point where I am comfortable talking on the phone with the two or three people in my life closest to me, and that's mostly because I want to hear their specific voices, to hear them laugh, to hear the emotions in their voices. I'm not sure I could overcome this for the job.

    Second, I don't know that I'd be any good at it, and damn, it'd suck to gyp someone on their $3.99 a minute call. I can do the talk dirty thing with partners, but again, that's pretty person-specific. As you all (or at least some) know, I can also write erotica, but that's different.

    So, would I consider it? Certainly. I don't think I could do it, though.

  2. the hottest. chix0r. EVAR! is working at your local coffee shop, which you frequent. You....

    Get very flustered, blush, make stupid jokes. And, for some reason, I am much much more attracted to cute than to hot, per se. But, I substituted cute for the spirit of my response. I have a horrible time approaching women I'm attracted to. Even moreso than with men I'm attracted to, that is. :)

  3. Ever owned satin sheets? Ever worn silk/satin while on those sheets? Ever slid right off the bed as a result?

    Yes. Yes. And yes.

    You didn't want details, did you? ;)

  4. Red hair dye disappears off the face of the Earth. What do you do with your hair now?

    ... Wench.

    Hrm. Lots of things come to mind. I could let it grow back out to its natural color, but to be honest, I find my natural hair color to be boring as hell. I have done black hair before, and would do it again, but I think that it enforces the "meri is a goth" thing a bit too much. ;) I've been tempted to go blue for quite a while, but haven't quite worked up the nerve to look quite that much like an anime character.

  5. leather or lace?

    It depends. :) Both definitely have their place, though now that I am of a magnificent size, I probably lean more towards lace. Not that I don't think that leather can look good on large women, but I'm just a lot more self-concious about it. That, and lace is ventilated. :)

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