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[meme] Interview questions from phil_ji.

For those who don't know, phil_ji is the kind man who served as the librarian at Kalaheo High School during my years there. He was very tolerant of me and my friends, who would often take refuge in his library. He was also the coach for the Quizzard (think high school Jeopardy) team the year I was on it.

  1. List one question you answered during competition for the KHS Quizzard team.

    Aaaaagh! I remember on a frightening basis one that I answered incorrectly. It's so very very stupid, and I kicked myself as soon as I said it, and have kicked myself on average about once a week since. "What is the average of 20, 24, and 25?" My brain completely flipped out and missed the 2s in there, and I answered 13 instead of 23.

  2. Most favorite local grinds that you can't get there.

    Meep. Just one? Hmmmm. Plate lunch, I think. (That's probably cheating, as it covers so many different things.) Loco moco. Meat jun. Haupia. Pickled watermelon rind. Crack seeds! Ani's sweet bread. Jack in the Box (yes, I know, not local, but we don't have them here). Malasadas. Portugese sausage. Shoyu chicken. Shave ice. Manapua. Hawaiian Sun drinks. Um. That's just off the top of my head, of course. :)

    So, uh, can you do care packages for poor exiles on the east coast? ;)

  3. Have you taken the train to Worcester from DC yet? If no, why not?

    I haven't. Generally, my trips are pretty time-constrained, and I haven't been able to convince myself to dedicate the time to a train trip. I was going to take the train for my next trip, but it looks like the person I was going to be traveling with won't be joining me, and that was part of the allure. I will definitely have to do this at some point.

  4. This is probably obvious, but papaya, mango or lychee?

    Mango, definitely. Then, lychee, then papaya. I have a really hard time finding mangoes out here that I feel are "right" and it drives me insane. Of course, when I do find them, they're something like $2 each. (Paying for mangoes? Goodness!) Lychee are hard to find fresh here, but I do sometimes stumble across a stash, and that's always good. For some reason, I never really enjoyed papaya.

  5. Without checking a yearbook, what is the first line of the KHS alma mater?

    High atop an Oahu hillside
    Stands our noble school
    Fellowship and inspiration
    Kalaheo School

    I can remember snippets of the rest of it, but the first stanza is burned into my brain. :)

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