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Oh, this is going to hurt tomorrow.

4 hours later, the 600-pound desk (yes, the desk weighs 600 pounds, really) is no longer in the apartment and is, in fact, sitting in huey and Nyarla's garage. Huge huge thanks go out to huey and romer, who lended their burly selves to the task, and to moyet, who donated the vehicle.

This process was... interesting, but actually much less difficult than anticipated. It was just... bulky. Really really bulky. And I am going to be incredibly sore tomorrow, and undoubtedly sporting a whole new set of bruises.

But, the goddamned desk is finally gone, after sitting, unused, for 4 years. And now that space can be better used for things which recent events have made necessary.

So yeah, No more desk (DESK! (if you don't get it, don't worry, it's an inside Erol's / RCN joke)).

Now, to clean the living room, which wasn't doing so well to start with, and only got worse by having the contents of the desk dropped into it. And the bedroom. And the computer room. And...


(Oh yeah, and the answer to the earlier, "Where did they go?" question is: they went to get gas. Silly boys, forgetting that cars need gas to go.)
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