Damnit, drak. I told you, bruising is only allowed during the winter, when I'm supposed to be all covered up.

Yeesh. ;)
Hahaha, that explains where my bruises come from as well, I guess. :P

I sleep on kind of a hard futon, and I roll around a lot and bang walls and the sides of it. I always have a lot of bruises. You may just enjoy boxing in your sleep like I do.
cruisin for a bruisin
my second post in your journal. it's so funny how i can relate so many thoughts of yours to my girlfriend's. she too discovers bruises magically appearing on her body often as well. maybe it's a japanese trait of somesort..
cruisin for a bruisin
Perhaps it's our Japanese inner guilt and shame manifesting themselves as physical marks upon our bodies.


Or not.

By the by, how did you find me? :) Do I know you? (No worries either way, just curious!)