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Hm. A question for the masses.

Does the tailbone serve any purpose in modern humans besides existing to get bruised / broken?
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To let you know where your tail would be if you wanted to add one?

*smiles winningly*
I had to have my tailbone surgically removed last Decemember, because otherwise it was going to get extremely bruised and broken.

Can anyone say "ass-surgery"? Whee.
How could you anticipate it getting very bruised or broken? Did you have an activity planned in which that's a strong possibility?
Suffice to say that the tailbone was in the process of growing out of me. I could go into the details... but I'll spare you. It's *like* having it develop into a real tail, except really gross.
sure! it also facilitates lots of juvenile humor based on the pronunciation of its technical name (coccyx).

It curves around and gives definition to that most glorious part of the human anatomy, the ass.

And if you rub it, it feels really nice.
Don't forget sprained. Sprained takes a nice long year to heal.