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Attention, those who want further proof that the Japanese are insane (myself excluded, of course; I'm perfectly sane): The Japanese game show "Most Extreme Elimination" can now be seen on TNN on Sunday nights! Must!
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There are so many possible interpretations for this my head is spinning. Having been exposed to a fair amount of Japanese TV I can guess it might be one I wish it wasn't.
Unfortunately, lacking cable I'll have to live in a state of ignorance :>
happy family plan.
yes. i've seen many insane japanese in my time. and my love who's also japanese claims that she is. i highly disagree. she can get moody at times, but i wouldn't enroll her in the insane people who love umeboshi club just for that.

there's a crap load of japanese channels to surf from here in hawaii. just watching iron chef fry up some octopus tentacles and cow eye balls grosses me out. those guys are definitely insane.