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Oh sure, why not?

The interview meme is active in this journal, too. If you want to interview me, or be interviewed by me, leave a comment. If you want to interview me, ask 5 questions in your comment. If you want to be interviewed, just leave a comment saying so. I warn you, however, of two things: First, I reserve the right to not answer questions, or perhaps to be a smartass. (I know, I know, big surprise.) Second, I am horrible at coming up with questions, so be prepared for silliness. (Also, I'm sure, a big surprise.)
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5 questions:

1) If you had lived in one place while growing up (all the years from birth to legal adulthood), how do you think you would be different now?

2) If you had a choice about where you lived in #1, where would it be and why?

3) Do you have any unusual comfort foods? What are they? (Look at this from your own point of view and from what passes as an average American's point of view. Given your own background, are there any that you think are unusual? Given an average American, are there any that are unusual?)

4) If you could change any one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

5) How can you avoid answering this question smart-assedly?

Feel free to interview me as well.
Um, not sure what the interview meme is all about, but feel free to interview me...
ahahahaha. doom!

1) Would you ever consider being an online/phone sex operator?
2) the hottest. chix0r. EVAR! is working at your local coffee shop, which you frequent. You....
3) Ever owned satin sheets? Ever worn silk/satin while on those sheets? Ever slid right off the bed as a result?
4) Red hair dye disappears off the face of the Earth. What do you do with your hair now?
5) leather or lace?